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Pipe Transport

Railcar type: Planting trees based wagons with (K, R, S, L,) should be moved.

The packaging of goods: Pipes wagon directly to the base, or on the wood chips are loaded onto the base beams. One or more entire width of the wagon are arranged in rows.

Lashing service:
- Pipes can be loaded on top. However, a lower number of tubes in each row should not be more than the number of tubes.
- Each pipe string, should be secured by wooden wedges. Height of the wedge, the diameter of pipe 1/12 equals, and at least 12 cm. should be.
- About 50 cm from each end of the pipe to the tensioning device to connect with a starting stack is reinforced by.
- Minimum 30 -50 cm should be left blank.
- Should be put together and sharp-cornered cut trees and planting should be placed so as not to come into contact with.
- Wagons must be in the upright position the entire planting.

Hair Roller Transport

Railcar type: With tree-based wagon with side walls (K, R, H, S,) should be moved.

The packaging of goods: Hair rollers are installed directly to the base of the wagon. Wagon soft pieces of wood placed on top of the longitudinal installed.

Lashing service:
- Each roll, at least 5 cm thick and at least 3 cm effective height is fixed with nails and secured with wedges.
- Loaded roll gap between the stationary parts of the longitudinal carriage at least 50 cm. should be.
- Each roll-lots-roll rolling direction as a unit even if you have at least two chock is secured.
- A loading unit as compared to the width of the roll are juxtaposed and connected.
- A loading unit must be connected to the coil group up to 7 tons.


Wood chips, Wood Mouldings, MDF Transport

Railcar type: Walled, with other tree-based wagons that (E, EE, H, S) should be moved.

The packaging of goods:
- The chips are completely covered, with non-metallic rope is attached.
- Wood and MDF products belonging to the package profile height of 60 cm in case of slippery coated., In the case of uncoated should be about 100 cm.
- Binding in each meter with corner guards are made.

Lashing service:
- The entire surface of the wagon is taken to be distributed in the same manner. Transverse stretching wagon is passed to the hook.
- Cross each side of the wagon per stack including at least two wedges with wedges attached to the base with a nail or binding materials and with tensioning device with corner protection, indirect binding is secured by at least 2 per stack.

Paper Roll Transport

Railcar type:Horizontal and vertical rolls of paper loaded sliding and fixed-walled or Get muşambal walled wagon with wood-based (H, Rilsan, Si) should be moved.

The packaging of goods:
- Roll the entire floor as much as possible into one or more groups are distributed.
- Rolls doors, sliding walls, linoleum, edges or ridges must not rest.

Lashing service:
- Placed next to each other in series, one or more, are loaded into one or more groups, and the base surface are distributed as widely as possible.
- Large diameter rolls are placed in the bottom row.
- Both ends and placed in every 3-4 rolls secured with wooden wedges.
- In case there is risk of damage to the roll, taken along the walls of elastic material are put together.
- Of upper transverse rolls of the wagon, about 15 cm from the ends of the rolls disposed, using rubber band or processed using cotton textile web friction is prevented.


Cask Transport

Railcar type: Walls and dividing wall or low wall with wagons (E. .. G. .. K. .., Re ...) should be moved.

The packaging of goods:
- Barrels, wagons and cramped as they are installed perpendicular to the entire surface. Intermediate spaces are filled.
- Barrels are installed in rows. These rows are offset relative to each other at the table.
- If different sizes of barrels, combined in groups by homogeneous stabilized.

Lashing service:
- Barrels, walls or sides are at. Near the side of the door is balanced also apply additional measures to ensure: Create groups to connect with bonding strap.
- Wedges on all sides, including the nails should be fixed at least 2 per wedge.

Crawler Material Transport

Boxes, pouches, construction materials, stones, plates, paper, cardboard, drums, packaging, crates and so on. trees goods, such as plastic pallets to the loading is done. Palette will sway and bend the legs and made to be fixed.

Lashing service:
-Goods, with the edges of the pallet will be the same way (without the items inside or overflow) is arranged so solid and tight.
Load connection of the units ;
- For horizontal and vertical containment steel hoop, fabric or synthetic material using lashing straps
- For items that can be easily replaced, one at each level with the corner look. Corner joints are horizontal with containment and corners are secured using ties.

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Vehicle Transport

Railcar type: With wood-based wagon-wheel vehicles (K, L, R, S) should be moved.

The packaging of goods:Olmalıdır.ant of vehicles covered linoleum instead of those should be inserted or removed in a way. Without battery and transported in a manner akaryakıtsız also recommended. Tools and pulled the hand brake or shift to a lower gear box is taken to be blocked. Rubber tires air pressure should be normal service.

Lashing service:
-Tools of the wagon is loaded lengthwise.
-The gap between vehicles must be at least 20 cm. In addition, the width and height of the wagon loaded vehicles the gap between the fixed portion must be at least 20 cm.
-Handbrake and taken to a lower gear or gear box is blocked at both ends of the instruments placed with two binding material longitudinal and transverse stretching of the wagon must be connected to a fixed base.
-Of vehicle tires front and rear and side of the 6 ton weight up to tools for wood wedges, 6 tons heavier than the tools for the steel wedges with a fixed and wedge angle of 35 ° – 45 ° should be.