Join the Demtaş
To make a good start in your career sector, which is one of the leading companies in logistics Demtaş to use the opportunity to do internships, please contact us.
Qualities we are looking for Trainee
  • Trained in the relevant section 3 of the University or 4 Being a student of class.
  • Want to improve yourself in the logistics sector to have a structure.
  • Be able to keep up with the busy schedule.
  • Group to be able to work.
  • Able to work at least 3 days a week.
  • Your university education in the mandatory status to intern there.
  • Could speak English enough.
  • Know russian as a foreign language will be preferred.
What gives you an internship?

The sector’s professional life by learning how it works you need to have skills and experience ensures that you get. Of the company’s business processes of an enterprise, which is now in the logistics industry will learn and you will have a great reference source.